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We always seem to be installing software written in the Rust programming language. There are so many useful utilities written in Rust these days. Often the best way to install Rust software is with Cargo, the Rust package manager.

Even relatively small Rust-based projects take some time to compile as a project often pulls in a ton of dependencies. Monitoring the terminal for this process to complete isn’t a boon to productivity.

For example, to build imager, a tool for automated image compression, cargo has to compile almost 400 crates. That build process takes a while to complete even on a reasonably modern PC. Step forward noti.

To be notified when the build of imager is complete, we prepend noti to cargo:

$ noti cargo install imager

When the build process is complete, noti outputs a desktop notification. In our case, that’s a GNOME notification

noti emitting a notification when the cargo command is complete

If all that noti did was emit desktop notifications, it wouldn’t be terribly useful. What makes noti really useful is that can trigger notifications for different services, and even monitor a process by PID. Here’s a list of the available options and how they are triggered.

noti flags

noti is useful for any command-line task that’s not quick to complete. We’re regularly using it for backups made with tar.

We often use the command-line for many day-to-day tasks such as installing/updating system-wide packages. In the case of Manjaro, the project actually recommends using the command-line for large updates instead of their own GUI tool.

As we test a huge range of software many of which are available in the Arch User Repository (AUR), we use yay, an AUR helper, if only because it installs/updates both packages in the Official Repositories and the AUR. We can simply install a pre-defined set of packages using yay together with an install script.

Given the number of packages we install on our test systems, and that packages in the AUR have to be compiled, an install/update can take a long time. It’s helpful to be notified when the process is completed without having to monitor the progress.

When the packages updates are completed, noti’s notification is sent to our desktop.

noti notification with yay


noti is a very useful utility and feels at home in our Excellent utilities series.

While it supports a good range of notification services, we’d love to see this extended. Obvious candidates include Gotify, XMPP, Discord, Teams, IRC, and lots of others.

Website: github.com/variadico/noti
Developer: variadico
License: MIT License

noti is written in Go. Learn Go with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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