Best Free and Open Source Software – Development

Programming Software
Linux provides everything a developer could want in the coding department.
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) - for software development
Python IDEs - Quicken the pace of Python development
Python Web Frameworks - Save development time with these megaframeworks
Python Web Microframeworks - Build fast app backends and microservices
Cross-Platform IDEs - Highly Promising Cross-Platform IDEs
Command-Line Python Application Development Tools
Rich Internet Application Frameworks - Create web applications for a full range of different formats and platforms
JavaScript Frameworks - speed up the development process of websites
Compilers - Converts language statements into machine code
Debuggers - Essential in any software development
Revision Control Applications - Essential tools for programming collaboration
Documentation Generators - Generates documentation intended for programmers and end users
Programming Languages to Shake up the Mix? - Newfangled programming languages
Lightweight Markup Languages - Produce high quality annotated text
Mobile Application Development Frameworks - Software that is created for handheld devices
Programming Tools for Kids - Provide an ideal introduction to programming
Git Clients - Distributed version control systems
Git Tools - Command-line tools that extend functionality for Git
Python Shells - Exploratory programming with its interactive shell
Unified Modeling Language Tools - Industry standard modeling language for software engineering
Test Automation - carry out tests automatically and produce test results without human intervention
PDF Development Libraries - Useful libraries for PDF
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