Best Free and Open Source Software – Utilities

Let’s kick off with a collection of detailed reviews highlighting 19 essential utilities, small, indispensable tools, useful for anyone running a Linux machine. They cover a wide spectrum of utilities.

The following articles focus on specific topics.

A kind of system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain the computer
Archive Managers - Brings together a group of files into a single archive file
Boot Utilities - Improve the load time of your system
Compression Tools - Storing data in a format that uses less space than the original representation uses
Multi-Core Compression Tools - Use all the cores present on your system when compressing files, offering massive speed advantages
Diff Tools - File comparison compares the contents of computer files
Console-Based Diff Tools - A roundup including great tools like diff-so-fancy
System Cleaning - Vaccum up the detritus on your computer
Benchmark Tools - Assess the performance of your hardware
Password Managers - Helps users to store and retrieve passwords and other data
Clipboard Managers - Small lean applications that focus on speed and efficiency
e-book Tools - Read e-books on a desktop computer or notebook
Terminal Multiplexers - Exploit the full power of the terminal
Terminal Session Recorders - Capture the command line
Command Line Navigation Tools - Tiny but useful tools that complement the cd command
Natural Language Processing - Technology for dealing with our all-pervasive product: human language
Dictionary Tools - Look up words and phrases or different languages in multiple dictionary file formats
Font Tools - Utilities for font management and editing
Alternatives to Top - Offer more control in managing processes on a running system
Mobile Phone Management - Mobile phone management tools
X10 Home Automation - X10 is an open standard for controlling home electrical equipment remotely
Home Automation - Now a mainstream and a burgeoning industry
Monitor Calibration - Accurate color reproduction
Crafting Tools - Software that aids cross-stitching and knot design
Making Linux More Accessible - Universal Access Tools
Essential Utilities: Flash OS Images
Essential Tools to Search the Filesystem
Find and Delete Duplicate Files
Essential Utilities: Reclaiming Disk Space

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