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6 Best Free and Open Source AppImage Desktop Integration Tools

AppImage is a universal software format for distributing portable software on Linux without needing superuser permissions to install the application. AppImage doesn’t really install software. It’s a compressed image with all the dependencies and libraries needed to run the desired software.

AppImages are widely-used, convenient and useful one click solution in running and installing software.

By default, a downloaded AppImage file won’t be executable. We can make the file executable by launching Files (the file manager for GNOME). In Files, right click the AppImage file. Click the box “Executable as Program”.

Alternatively, we can make the file executable using the chmod command:

$ chmod u+x ~/Downloads/Name.AppImage

Now we can run the file with a double left click on the file (in Files), or from the command-line.

But this doesn’t integrate AppImages into our app menu. There are quite a few programs that let us integrate AppImages into our system.

Here’s our survey of tools which help integrate AppImages into your desktop. Only free and open source software is included.

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AppImage Integration Tools
AppImageLauncherIntegrate AppImages to your application launcher with a single click
Gear LeverPython-based tool to manage AppImages
appimagedAppImage daemon
appImageHelperCreate, delete, control and organize shortcuts to AppImage
Pin It! Pin shortcuts for your favorite portable apps to your app launcher
AIDMCreate desktop shortcuts to AppImage applications
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