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Office Software
Linux is becoming very popular in the business environment.
Office Suites - Collection of related software for business and other uses
Office Software - Essential tools for the corporate desktop user
Groupware - Enables users to collaborate via the internet or a corporate intranet
Project Management - Project management tools
Business Process Management - Manage your Business with a Complete Software Solution
Business Intelligence - Design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources
Relational Databases - Most databases are based on this type
MySQL Tools - Essential utilities for MySQL
MongoDB GUIs - Graphical User interfaces for the non-relational NoSQL database
Document-Oriented Databases - Each record is stored as a document without the need to define in advance the schema of the data
PDF Viewers - Besides great PDF viewers, many are versatile document viewers
PDF Tools - Create, view and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files
PDF Manipulation Tools -Small tools that are designed to manipulate PDF files
Presentation Software that Shines - Help make your slides look stunning
Document Processors - Produce high quality documents by focusing on content
OCR Systems - conversion of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into searchable, editable documents
LaTeX Tools - LaTeX editors, bibliography tools and more
Script Writing - Produce perfectly formatted scripts for film, tv, books and more
Document Management Systems - One of the functions provided by Enterprise Content Management
Caching Systems - employed in a variety of different ways
Text Editors
Editors - This article covers console, graphical, HTML editors, and text processing software
Vim-Like Text Editors - Alternatives in the Vim vein
Neovim GUIs - Third party GUIs designed for Neovim
Emacs-Like Text Editors - Simpler programs to Emacs
Configuration Frameworks for Emacs - Easy to use Emacs configuration
Distraction-Free Compact Text Editors - Great for remote editing and much more
Distraction-Free Tools for Writers - Helps you focus on writing without interruption
Collaborative Editing Tools - Focus on writing without interruption, yet work mutually with others
Markdown Editors - Markdown is a minimal markup language
HTML Editors - Covers simple editors that are suitable for beginners, to editors that are targeted towards programmers
Hex Editors - Used to edit binary files
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