Best Free and Open Source Software – Other Applications

Project ManagementFamily History - Tracing your ancestry is painstaking work, can be extremely addictive and creates large amounts of data. Software which offers tailored functionality, to store data and relationships between parents, spouses and children, as well as handling additional events in an individual’s life, photographs, free-form notes, and other multimedia, and source citations.
ToolboxCrafting Tools - Handicraft is a term that describes many different types of work where practical and decorative objects are made by hand or by using only simple tools.
Candy & Humor
HealthCandy - The lighter side of Linux guaranteed to raise a smile. Some of the programs are purely cosmetic, others aren't purely decorative
Male userComic Book viewers - Utilities for reading comic books. A comic book is a magazine which consists of narrative artwork in the form of sequential images with text that represent individual scenes
ScreamHumor on the Command-line - Amusement on the command-line with these hilarious utilities. Raise a smile!
Religion and Spirituality Software
Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.
HelpingBible - Helps to make religious studies more effective, more organised, and more rewarding
Fortune TellerAstrology - Connection between the movement of heavenly bodies and events that take place on Earth
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