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Linux makes a stable and reliable platform for educational purposes.
MeetingOpen Source Meets Education - Targeted at instructors and educational institutions. There is a real mix of applications featured in this article catering for the needs of academics, the teaching institutions, as well as students.
Maile-Learning - Computer and network-enabled transfer of knowledge, behaviors, and skills. We focus on open source software which is both user friendly for students and instructors.
Project ManagementClassroom - With this software, educators can create, administer, and grade tests, help manage a computer-based classroom, create an interactive whiteboard, and produce modular courses.
LearningFlashcards -A flashcard stores information on a set of cards, with the information being typically portrayed as words and numbers. Flashcards are one of the best tools for memorizing information.
Foreign LanguageForeign Language - Learning a new language can provide life changing opportunities and enjoyment. We identify the best of breed open source Linux software to make language acquisition fun, enjoyable, and a stimulating way of learning.
TypingTyping Tutors - Typing tutor software teaches fast and accurate typing through a system of informative lessons and progress tracking. We think it is important that learning should be fun, so we have included some typing games in this feature.
LibraryLibrary Management Systems - A library management system (also known as an integrated library system) is an automated resource planning system which enables a library to operate efficiently, freeing staff from unnecessary tasks.
LibraryTools to Empower Librarians - Modern libraries need robust, scalable and flexible software to make their collections and services attractive, especially as digital libraries are radically transforming how information is disseminated.
StudentStudent Information Systems - A student information system (also known as a student management system or school management system) is computer software for educational institutions to manage student data. They provide tracking of demographic attributes, gradebooks, tracking student attendance, calendars, reporting, building student schedules, transcripts, and managing many other student-related data needs.
MusicMusic education - Music education is a field of study connected with the learning and teaching of music. Music is an essential part of the fabric of our society, and the intrinsic value of music is widely recognized.
WritingBibliography Tools - Bibliographic software (also known as citation software or reference managers) plays a very important role in research. This type of software helps research to be published more quickly. Researchers amass a huge collection of bibliographic references which are pertinent to their field
WritingReference Management Tools - Reference management software is software for academics and authors to use to record and use bibliographic citations. This type of software typically uses a database to store the bibliographic references, together with a system for filtering the list in a format needed desirable to scholarly journals and publishers.
WritingTools for Writers - Step forward software that is designed for novelists, scriptwriters, academics, and journalists.
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