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Desktop Software
Desktop environments consist of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers, and desktop widgets.
Best Linux Desktop Environments: Strong and Stable - The finest Linux desktops
More Desktop Environments - Make your desktop more productive
Lean Desktops - The finest candidates for older hardware
KDE Plasma Widgets - smart ways of customizing your KDE desktop
GNOME Desktop Extensions - stylish ways to customize your GNOME desktop
Window Managers - Compositing, stacking, tiling and dynamic window managers
Compositing Window Managers - Window manager that provides applications with an off-screen buffer for each window.
Stacking Window Managers - Type of window manager that draws all windows in a specific order, allowing them to overlap, using a technique called painter's algorithm
Tiling Window Managers - Automates the common task of arranging windows
Dynamic Window Managers - Tiling window manager where windows are tiled based on preset layouts
Application Launchers - Make your desktop more productive
Docks - Switch quickly between applications
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