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Productivity Software
Desktop environments consist of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers, and desktop widgets.
File Managers - Orthodox, navigational and spatial file managers
Orthodox File Managers - One of the older families of file managers
GTK File Managers - GTK is a very popular toolkit
Qt File Managers - Qt is another popular widget toolkit
Graphical File Managers - Useful file managers that don't use Qt or GTK
Console File Managers - For anyone who wishes to revel in the power of the command-line
Desktop Search Engines - Locate information with the minimum of fuss
Productivity Tools - Utilities to make your life a little bit easier
Essential Utilities to Boost Productivity - Very small utilities
Mind Mapping - Capture your thoughts in a structured way, brainstorming new ideas
Note-taking Apps - Keep track of information
Sticky Notes Apps - often known as a Post-it Note
OneNote Alternatives - Free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration
Collection Managers - To keep track of stamps, multimedia, posters, comics and more
Task Managers - Help organise your day
Time Tracking - Type of computer software that records time spent on tasks
Command Line Interface Time Trackers - record time spent on tasks at the command line
Task Management Tools - Create a list of tasks to be completed
Personal Information Managers - Help manage your life by offering personal organising functionality
Calendar - Manage your daily life with a digital calendar
Calculators - Compute difficult mathematical functions, plot 2D and 3D graphs
Clocks - Includes alarm clocks and timezone clocks
Diary - Flexible and useful diary tools
Terminal Emulators - Access a console and console based software
Terminal Emulators Built With Web Technologies - Exploit the power of the shell in a cutting-edge environment
Screen Capture - Versatile open source screenshot programs
e-book Tools - Best open source e-book tools available to download
Speed Reading - Read text without moving your eyes, and therefore rapidly increase your reading speed
Small Console Menu Utilities - Four tiny utilities that offer menu facilities
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