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Graphics Software
With a huge selection of open source software available, Linux offers the ideal environment for creative types.
ImageGraphics - Create, modify and convert 2D and 3D computer graphics. This is a large roundup.
HDRHDR Imaging - High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is an important technology for photographers that allows a wider dynamic range of luminances between the lightest and darkest areas of an image.
LogoRenderers - Generate an image from a model (or a collection of models, known as a scene file). Rendering is a CPU-intensive process. Some software uses the GPU to accelerate the process.
NodesModelers - 3D modelling software offering a wide range of modeling tools, mesh editing, group editing, Boolean modeling operations, isosurface modeling and more.
Append ClipVector Graphics - Vector graphics editors. They are ideal for technical illustrations, diagramming, flowcharting, artistic illustrations, promotional posters, banners, signage, logos, typography, vehicle wraps and layout.
PaintingPainting Tools - Offers the feel of natural paint on a digital canvas. Paint software is designed to imitate closely traditional painting mediums and effects. Typically, this type of software works best with a graphic tablet.
WebcamCamera Tools - Camera applications for RAW image files. As implied by the name, RAW files have not been processed.
Virtual GlobePhoto Metadata Editors - View and edit metadata tags interactively and save them in the graphics file.
ArtGUI Image Compression Tools - Compression software to reduce the file size of graphic images.
du replacementsCommand-Line Image Compression Tools - Compression software to reduce the file size of graphic images from the command-line.
RotateSmall Image Tools - Small image tools that are incredibly useful are featured in this roundup.
NodesBatch Image Processors - More than resize and convert images, these tools process hundreds or thousands of images with only a few clicks.
ImageImage Viewers - Picks the finest small image viewer tools. A good image viewer is an essential part of any operating system.
CaptureScreen Capture - Made easy with these dedicated tools. A picture is worth a thousand words.
ArtASCII Art Tools - Pictures put together from characters defined by the ASCII standard. These art tools make the creation of complex ASCII art effortless.
RotateRAW Processing Tools - Process RAW files; they are similar to digital negatives.
FractalsFractal Tools - Geometric shapes or quantities which displays self-similarity and non-integer dimension.
lightbulbPhoto Management - Organize your digital image collection with techniques like tagging and albums.
CADComputer Aided Design - Produce professional drawings for the design of real and virtual objects.
flickrFlickr Tools - Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application.
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