Best Free and Open Source Software – Audio

Audio Software
With a huge selection of open source software available, Linux offers the ideal environment for audio enthusiasts.
Audio - Music players/managers, recording/editing and more
Music Players - The finest music players
Terminal-Based Music Players - The finest music players in your terminal
Internet Radio - Listen to streaming radio
Magnificent Linux Music Streaming Clients - Forget about vinyl and CDs
Disc Jockey Tools - Software for both professional and amateur DJs
Pandora Radio Clients - Music streaming automated music recommendation service
Synthesizers - Create a known or unknown, common or unusual sound experience
Podcast Tools - Digital media consisting of an episodic program downloaded or streamed over the Internet
CD Audio Grabbers - Console - Extracts ("rip") the raw digital audio
CD Audio Grabbers - Graphical - Extracts ("rip") the raw digital audio
Tools for Musicians - Produce professional quality recordings
Tag Editors - Edit metadata of multimedia files
Scorewriters - Open source alternatives to Sibelius and Finale
Alternative Music Players - Music players that undeservedly receive little publicity
Console Based Multimedia - Light on system resources
Guitar Tools - Applications that are targeted at guitarists
Speech Tools - Speech synthesizers, speech recognition software, speech recognition engines, and speech analysis
Speech Recognition Tools - These toolkits are meant to be the foundation to build a speech recognition engine
Music Servers - Turn your Linux box into a music server, distributing digital tracks over a network
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