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Audio Software
With a huge selection of open source software available, Linux offers the ideal environment for audio enthusiasts.
MusicAudio - This is a large round up covering music players, music managers, recording and editing software, and much more.
MusicMusic Players - The finest music players. There is an extremely wide range to choose from.
MusicalTerminal-Based Music Players - The finest music players in your terminal. They are light on system resources, fast, and efficient compared to many graphical counterparts.
RadioInternet Radio - Internet radio (also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio, and online radio) is a digital audio service transmitted via the Internet.
Classical MusicMagnificent Linux Music Streaming Clients - Forget about vinyl and CDs, digital streams almost totally command music listening.
Bass DrumDisc Jockey Tools - Software for both professional and amateur DJs. If you’re starting out as a DJ, you’ll probably want to try free software, as proprietary solutions can be very expensive. Fortunately, Linux has some useful software for music production.
SubwooferPandora Radio Clients - Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming automated music recommendation service.
AudioSynthesizers - A software synthesizer, also known as a softsynth, is computer software which creates digital audio. Create a known or unknown, common or unusual sound experience.
PodcastsPodcast Tools - A podcast is a form of digital media consisting of an episodic program downloaded or streamed over the Internet using an XML protocol called RSS.
Sound CloudGraphical MPD Clients - GUIs for controlling a powerful server-side music application. MPD runs in the background playing music from its playlist. Client programs communicate with MPD to manipulate playback, the playlist, and the database.
Disco BallWeb-Based MPD Clients - Web apps for controlling a powerful server-side music application. MPD runs in the background playing music from its playlist. Client programs communicate with MPD to manipulate playback, the playlist, and the database.
AudioCD Audio Grabbers - Console - Extracts ("rip") the raw digital audio with terminal-based software.
AudioCD Audio Grabbers - Graphical - Extracts ("rip") the raw digital audio with software offering a graphical user interface.
MusicTools for Musicians - Produce professional quality recordings. With a good background in music, talent, and patience, coupled with open source software you can be truly creative and innovative.
Treble ClefDigital Audio Workstations - If you want to record, edit, mix and master audio and MIDI projects, a DAW is the tool you need.
Bass ClefMusic Tag Editors - A tag editor (or tagger) is an application which allows users to edit metadata of multimedia files. Metadata is the data about the audio data. It lets information about the audio file such as the title, artist, conductor, album, track length, lyrics, embedded images, and other information be stored in the audio file itself.
Classical MusicScorewriters - Open source alternatives to Sibelius and Finale. A scorewriter (often known as notation software or music notation processor) is software used with a computer for creating, editing and printing sheet music.
BoomboxAlternative Music Players - Music players that undeservedly receive little publicity.
Tuning ForkConsole Based Multimedia - There is a wide range of console based software which performs the same or similar functions to their graphical equivalents.
Treble ClefGuitar Tools - Applications that are targeted at guitarists. Whether you are a causal strummer, or can give a virtuoso performance with beautiful chord embellishments in the style of Bobby Jo or Jimi Hendrix, there should be something of interest here for anyone interested in guitar music.
MicroSpeech Tools - Speech synthesizers, speech recognition software, speech recognition engines, and speech analysis are explored.
Digital SpeakerSpeech Recognition Tools - These toolkits are meant to be the foundation to build a speech recognition engine. We rate 10 free speech recognition tools.
SubwooferMusic Servers - Turn your Linux box into a music server, distributing digital tracks over a network. A home computer makes an ideal appliance to store and stream music.
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