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6 Best Free and Open Source Linux System Cleaning Tools

There are lots of ways of improving the performance of your computer. We’ve previously investigated a number of solutions which concentrated on shortening the time taken for a machine to boot. These included disabling services that are not needed, concurrent booting, and reprofiling the boot sequence. There are also lots of tips on optimizing the general system performance including ways to make more efficient use of memory, improving hard disk performance, and by using a lightweight desktop environment. These can all have a marked effect on minimizing the boot process. However, having a machine that is quick to boot is only one area that needs to be tackled if a computer is going to remain responsive.

Many readers will have witnessed their computer system becoming progressively slower in use over time. This particularly affects Windows so much so that over time it can feel like the machine is running at half speed. This is in part due to users continually installing more applications, and not performing system maintenance. Other factors include ineffective uninstallation routines, Microsoft’s propensity for almost daily patches and security updates, hard drives full of temporary files, a bloated registry, and poorly configured antivirus software. These types of issues also affect Linux albeit to a lesser degree. Nevertheless, if a Linux machine is to remain in pristine condition, there is a genuine need for users to run software that vacuums up the detritus, wiping clean applications, deleting cookies, shredding temporary files, removing logs, and other types of system maintenance.

There are a number of open source applications for Linux which help to keep the operating system working like new. To provide an insight into the software that is available, we have compiled a list of of our favourite open source system cleaning tools. Hopefully, there will be something of interest here for users who want to ensure their computer system retains its vitality. We don’t include scripts in this roundup.

Ratings chart for the best free and open source system cleaning tools

Click the links in the table below to learn more about each tool. adly, Stacer is no longer maintained.

System Cleaning Tools
CzkawkaFinds duplicate files, big files, empty files, similar images, and much more
BleachBitDelete unnecessary files from the system
SweeperHistory and temporary file cleaner for KDE 4
StacerSystem optimizer and monitoring tool
FlatsweepFlatpak leftover cleaner
Ubuntu CleanerClean up your system

We have a separate roundup for software which specializes in finding and deleting duplicate files.

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3 years ago

Have you heard of Ucaresystem-core? I found it early on and have retained it ever since.

3 years ago

I fully agree with the above;it is extremely good.