Excellent Utilities: Deskreen – live streaming desktop to a web browser

In Operation

How does Deskreen work?

Deskreen works via screen recording technology to live stream the screen picture. Essentially Deskreen fires up a web server that other devices connect to. This client-server relationship is commonplace with Linux. But its implementation is electrifying.

Starting up Deskreen launches the window shown below.


The tool displays a QR code and an IP address that lets you connect other devices with a web browser to stream your screen.

After scanning the QR or entering the IP address in the browser’s address bar, you’ll be asked to allow or deny the connection.


Click the Allow button to allow the connection. We now have the choice of streaming the entire screen or a specific application window.

Deskreen - Connected

There’s a flip mode that’s designed to use your screen as a teleprompter.

There’s also dark mode, the ability to reduce the video quality (to improve speed), as well as internationalization support.

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