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MyBB (formerly known as MyBulletinBoard), is a free and open source intuitive, extensible forum software which is developed by the MyBB Group.

The software is written in PHP, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite as database systems and has database fail-over support, so that if one database fails, MyBB will load the next database on the list.

MyBB’s roots lie in the discussion boards XMB and DevBB.

Features include:

  • Easy to use, for both you and visitors.
  • Administration – administrator Control Panel (Admin CP) that’s been developed from the ground up.
  • Built-in Template & Theme Editor – theme system and an advanced template editor to make customizing your forum easy. Included is syntax highlighting, multiple stylesheet support, both a simple and advanced stylesheet editor, and improved template searching.
  • Threads, Posts and Polls – support for Dailymotion, Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace TV, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, and YouTube is available.
  • Reputation – lets users rate other users based on their actions and posts.
  • Warning System – offers an advanced system to warn users for inappropriate behavior.
  • Task Scheduling System – automatically execute various jobs at different times.
  • DBMS Support – currently supports MySQL, PgSQL, and SQLite. MyBB also has database fail-over support. Master and slave databases are also configurable.
  • Plugin system – large number of plugins are available to extend functionality.
  • Moderation – offers and advanced set of thread and post moderation option known as custom moderator tools.
  • Private Messaging – allows forum members to communicate one-on-one in private, like email, but hosted on the forum. Users can send a message to multiple recipients at once, complete with auto-complete username suggestion, as well as select recipients from a list of their buddies.
  • Calendars and Events – there’s support for multiple calendars. Built-in support for a weekly overview for all events over a 7-day period.
  • User Promotions – users can be promoted to a new primary user group or a new additional user group when they reach a specific combination based on the number of posts they’ve made, the reputation they’ve received or the registration date.
  • Mass Mail and Newsletter System.
  • Themes.

Support: Documentation
Developer: MyBB Group
License: GNU LGPL


MyBB is written in PHP. Learn PHP with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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