Thredded – simple and feature rich Rails forum engine

Thredded is an open source Rails forum / messageboard engine. Thredded’s goal is to be as simple and feature rich as possible.

Thredded works with the following relational databases: SQLite, MySQL (v5.6.4+), and PostgreSQL.

Thredded provides an app generator that will generate a Rails app with Thredded, Devise, SimpleForm, RSpec, PostgreSQL, and a basic theme and navigation that is configured to work out of the box.

Thredded can be run standalone or as part of an existing Rails app. The software supports Rails v4.2+.

Features include:

  • Markdown (default) and / or BBCode post formatting, with onebox and <spoiler> tag support. Markup is configurable.
  • (Un)read posts tracking.
  • Email notifications, topic subscriptions, @-mentions, per-messageboard notification settings.
  • Private group messaging.
  • Full-text search using only the database.
  • Pinned and locked topics.
  • List of currently online users, for all forums and per-messageboard.
  • Basic moderation to help stop the trolls.
    • Reactive moderation, where posts from first-time users are published immediately but enter the moderation queue.
    • Pre-emptive moderation, where posts from first-time users are not published until they have been approved.
  • Flexible permissions system that can be configured per messageboard/user.
  • Lightweight fully-responsive minimalist default theme configurable via Sass.
  • No infrastructure dependencies other than the database.
  • Supports SQLite, MySQL v5.6.4+, and PostgreSQL.
  • Auto-follow.
  • Global / message board-level unread page.
  • Plugins to extend functionality:
    • BBCode formatting for posts, e.g. [b]for bold[/b]. Can be used alongside Markdown.
    • Code Syntax Highlighting in Markdown using Coderay.
    • TeX math via LaTeX in Markdown, fast, accessible, JS-free math rendering.
  • Internationalization support – available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), German, Polish, Italian, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Support: Wiki, GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Gleb Mazovetskiy and contributors
License: MIT License

Rails is a web-application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.


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