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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

In the eyes of many computer users, Linux is perceived as largely functional, mostly restricted to running servers, office tasks and web browsing. However, a wide and ever growing range of native Linux games are available, but given the range, there are a number of locations where you pick them up. Whatever type of game you like, there’s lots to choose from including the latest games as well as classics and remastered titles. And compatibility software lets Linux games play a huge range of Windows titles.

Complementing Linux games are a wide range of tools that are designed for gamers. Some of these tools have a wider audience than gamers, so there should be software here of interest even if you don’t play games.

This series explores the most useful of these Linux tools that make gaming on Linux more pleasurable. We’ve only recently started this series. Please bear with us as we build up the series.

The table below lists the articles that we’ve published. There are lots more articles planned.

Awesome Linux Game Tools
Heroic Games LauncherGames launcher for Epic Games and GOG
SteamLarge digital library of PC games
libstrangleUtility to cap the frames per second of games
gpu-screen-recorder-gtkGTK frontend to GPU Screen Recorder
MangoHudVulkan and OpenGL overlay to help you monitor FPS and more
NoiseTorch-ngSuppresses noise perfect for gamers live streaming/recording
ProtonUp-QtGUI for easy installation of custom builds of Proton and more
GOverlayGUI to manage MangoHud, vkBasalt and ReplaySorcery
noise-suppression-for-voiceNoise suppression plugin based on RNNoise

As we don’t possess any AMD graphics cards, we’re not currently in a position to write reviews of tools that are AMD-only. An example is CoreCtrl, a utility that lets you control computer hardware using application profiles.

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1 year ago

libstrangle is really useful given the current electricity costs I’m forking out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Roger

And helps my laptop run cooler