Alternatives to popular CLI tools: ftp

This article spotlights alternative tools to ftp.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used for transferring files from one computer system to another. Even though the safety of FTP raises concern, it remains an effective method of transferring files within a secure network.

Man page for ftp

Command-line FTP Clients
NcFTPPopular console based user interface File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client program
LFTPMature open source file retrieving tool
cbftpAdvanced, multi-purpose client that focuses on efficient large-scale data spreading
termscpFeature rich terminal file transfer and explorer, with support for SCP/SFTP/FTP/S3
tnftpBased on the original BSD FTP client
YafcIntended to be a replacement for the standard ftp program
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All the CLI tools in this series.

Alternatives to CLI tools
age // awk // bc // cal // cat // cd // chmod // cksum // cloc // cmp // compress // cp // cron // curl // cut // date // dd // df // diff // dig // du // find // ftp // grep // gzip // hexdump // history // jq // kill // less // locate // ls // lsof // make // man // more // mv / ping // ps // psql // rename // rm // sed // split // ssh // strings // sudo // sysctl // talk // tar // telnet // time // top // touch // traceroute // tree // uname // uniq // uptime // vi // watch // Wget // who // whois // xargs

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