Alternatives to popular CLI tools: awk

This article spotlights alternative tools to awk, software specialized for textual data manipulation. It reads a text file line by line, and for each line that matches a pattern expression, it executes an action (which normally prints output).

Man page for awk

The software featured here is free and open source. All tools provide a command-line interface (CLI) unless otherwise stated.

Alternatives to awk
gawkImplementation of the awk programming language
GoAWKPOSIX-compliant awk interpreter written in Go
MillerSmall and powerful CLI tool to do all your data processing
frawkSmall programming language for writing short programs processing textual data
chooseHuman-friendly and fast alternative to cut and (sometimes) awk
gemaGeneral purpose text processing utility based on the concept of pattern matching
mawkInterpreter for the awk programming language
ruplacerFind and replace text in source files
Are we missing any open source alternatives to awk? Please let us know.
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All the CLI tools in this series.

Alternatives to CLI tools
age // awk // bc // cal // cat // cd // chmod // cksum // cloc // cmp // compress // cp // cron // curl // cut // date // dd // df // diff // dig // du // find // ftp // grep // gzip // hexdump // history // jq // kill // less // locate // ls // lsof // make // man // more // mv / ping // ps // psql // rename // rm // sed // split // ssh // strings // sudo // sysctl // talk // tar // telnet // time // top // touch // traceroute // tree // uname // uniq // uptime // vi // watch // Wget // who // whois // xargs

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Are we missing any open source alternatives to awk? Please let us know." Read more »