Command Schedulers

Alternatives to popular CLI tools: cron

This article spotlights alternative tools to cron.

cron man page

The software featured here is free and open source. All tools provide a command-line interface (CLI) unless otherwise stated.

Cronie contains the standard UNIX daemon crond that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related tools.

Alternatives to cron
cronieModern day version of cron and associated tools
fcronDesigned for systems which are not continuously running or regularly
systemdSuite of basic building blocks for a Linux system
mcron100% compatible replacement for Vixie cron
anacronDesigned for systems which are not continuously running
JobberRun commands to a schedule
bcronDesigned with secure operations in mind

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All the CLI tools in this series.

Alternatives to CLI tools
age // awk // bc // cal // cat // cd // cksum // cloc // cmp // compress // cp // cron // curl // cut // date // dd // df // diff // dig // du // find // ftp // grep // gzip // hexdump // history // jq // kill // less // locate // ls // lsof // make // man // more // mv / ping // ps // psql // rename // rm // sed // split // ssh // strings // sudo // sysctl // talk // tar // telnet // time // top // touch // traceroute // tree // uname // uniq // vi // watch // Wget // who // whois // xargs

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6 months ago
Have we missed any open source alternatives to cron?" Read more »

There’s also the mature mcron as well as Jobber you could add.

Thanks for all the work putting this all together. LinuxLinks is a great resource.