xine – plays CDs, DVDs, and VCDs

xine is a powerful multimedia program, specializing in video playback. In addition to functioning as a standalone product, it also serves as a library and engine for other software products.

It has excellent support for a large number of different file formats including physical media DVD, Video CD, and Audio CD. Xine supports a large number of formats including .mpeg, .ts, .ogg, .ogm, .avi, .asf, .wmv, .wma, .mpv, .m2v, .mp2, .mp3, .cpk, .voc, .snd, and .au. It also supports a wide variety of video and audio codecs. Streaming formats include mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 system (audio + video multiplexed), mpeg elementary (audio/video only, e.g. mp3 files), AVI file with various video formats (some of them by using win32 dlls), Vorbis OGG, and quicktime.

There are a large number of frontends (i.e media players) that use the xine playback engine, including xine-ui, gzine (both of which are part of the xine project) as well as third party frontends including Totem and Kaffeine.

Features include:

  • Support for OSS, ALSA, Irix Audio, Sun Audio, ARts, and ESD Audio drivers.
  • Streaming playback support covering the following Webcasting/Streaming protocols: NMS, PNM, RTSP, HTTP, and raw TCP socket streaming.
  • Supports DXR3, DVB tv cards, Video 4 Linux, and WinTV-PVR 250/350 pci with TV full screen support.
  • Skinnable GUI.
  • Download and installation of new skins from the internet.
  • Navigation controls (seeking, pause, fast, slow, next chapter, etc).
  • Linux InfraRed Control support (LIRC).
  • On Screen Display features.
  • DVD and external subtitles.
  • DVD/VCD menus.
  • Audio and subtitle channel selection.
  • Closed Caption support.
  • Brightness, contrast, audio volume, hue, saturation adjusting (requires hardware/driver support).
  • Playlists.
  • Mediamarks.
  • Image snapshot.
  • Audio resampling.
  • Software deinterlacing algorithms.
  • 2-3 pulldown detection (tvtime plugin).
  • Configuration dialog.
  • Aspect ratio changing.
  • Fullscreen display.
  • DTS passthrough.

Support: FAQ
Developer: xine team
License: GNU GPL v2


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