21 of the Best Free Linux DVD Tools

Last Updated on February 26, 2018

The venerable DVD is a removable media format that was conceived over 15 years ago. However, it still remains today the ideal format for many uses, although blu-ray is starting to make significant inroads in the field of multimedia playback.

DVDs remain the most popular removable format for Linux distributions, primarily because CDs do not have the capacity to carry a large number of applications, and blu-ray discs and players remain expensive.

This article focuses on selecting the best free software which relies on the DVD format. We select the best of breed Linux software to play DVD multimedia, to create DVD videos, software to write to them, as well as applications that copy video content from DVD media to a hard disk. Furthermore, we also examine software which helps users to catalogue their DVD collection, as well as software which offer a textual version of dialog.

To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled a list of 21 high quality Linux DVD tools. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for anyone who wants to revel in multimedia.

Now, let’s explore the 21 DVD tools at hand. For each title we have compiled its own portal page, providing a screenshot of the software in action, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, together with links to relevant resources and reviews.

DVD Tools
xinePowerful multimedia program, specializing in video playback
MPlayerVery popular movie player
TotemOfficial movie player of the GNOME desktop environment
VLCMultimedia player and streamer
BraseroEasy to use CD/DVD burning application
GnomeBakerCD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop
K3bSophisticated KDE CD/DVD burning application
AcidRipRipping and encoding DVD tool using MPlayer and Mencoder
dvd::ripPerl front end for transcode
HandBrakeMultithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter
ThoggenDVD backup utility ('DVD ripper'), based on GStreamer and Gtk+
DeVeDeCreate video DVDs
K9CopyDVD backup and authoring
KMediaFactoryTemplate based DVD authoring tool for KDE
Q DVD-AuthorGUI frontend for dvdauthor and related tools
GCstarManages a movie collection
GriffithFilm collection manager
Tellico Collection manager for KDE
GaupolSubtitle editor for text-based subtitle files
GNOME SubtitlesSubtitles editor for the GNOME Desktop environment
Subtitle EditorGraphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation
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