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6 Best Free and Open Source Stock Tickers

A stock ticker is a report of the price of specific securities, updated continuously throughout the trading session by the various stock market exchanges.

The term “tick” refers to a change in a security’s price from one trade to the next. A stock ticker displays these ticks, along with other relevant information, like trading volume, that investors and traders use to stay informed about current market conditions and the interest in that particular security.

The ticker provides current information for certain stocks, including the ticker symbol (the one-to four-letter code that represents a particular stock), quantity traded (volume for each transaction), price, a green “up” arrow if the price is higher than the previous day’s closing value, a red “down” arrow if the price is lower, and the net price change (either as a monetary amount or percentage) from the previous day’s close.

Publicly traded companies on the stock market are identified by their stock ticker symbol, which is a unique set of letters, numbers, or both. Publicly traded companies are allowed to trade on several different stock exchanges. However, no two companies will share the same stock ticker symbol on one stock exchange. For example, AstraZeneca PLC trades on the Nasdaq with the stock ticker AZN, trades on the London Stock Exchange with the stock ticker AZN.L, and trades on the Stockholm Stock Exchange with the stocker ticker AZN.ST.

This article focuses on stock ticker software that runs on Linux. You can watch live (or delayed) stock price quotes from multiple stock market exchanges. The stock market is also open for business before and after regular trading hours (these are known as pre- and post-market trading sessions). Ticker software can support pre and post market price quotes.

Here’s our verdict of the featured software captured in a legendary ratings chart. We only include free and open source software.

Ratings chart for the best free and open source Linux stock tickers

Stock Tickers
tickerAnother command-line tool written in Go
tickrsCommand-line tool that's written Rust
mopThis is billed as a stock market tracker for hackers. Command-line written in Go
JStockTrack your stock investments
tstockPython-based tool which generates stock charts in the terminal
StonksGo-based terminal based stock visualizer and tracker

This article has been revamped in line with our recent announcement.

Other financial software offer stock quotes. But this article is focused on tickers only.

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1 year ago

All these are changed and outdated it seems. Firefox extensions has 3 stock watching items I have found. May, 15, 2023.