tstock – generate stock charts in the terminal

We recently published a review of Stonks, a terminal based stock visualizer and tracker that sources its data from Yahoo Finance.

A similar tool we’ve also been evaluating is tstock. Like Stonks, tstock is a command-line tool which generates stock charts in the terminal. It’s written in Python and published under an open source license.


We tested tstock with the Manjaro distro. There’s a package in the Arch User Repository for Arch-based distros such as Manjaro.

We used the yay AUR helper to install the software issuing the command:

$ yay -S tstock

We’re not quite ready to use tstock.

tstock retrieves financial data using Alpha Vantage’s API. You’ll need to claim a free key for the Alpha Vantage Stock API and add the line export ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY= to your shell configuration file e.g. .bashrc.

We can add that line using a text editor or with the echo command to the end of our .bashrc file with the command:

$ echo 'export ALPHAVANTAGE_API_KEY=YOUR-API-KEY-HERE' >> ~/.bashrc

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