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Last Updated on May 29, 2021



The streams plugin lets you listen to internet radio. I’ve reviewed a fair few internet radio players including odio, Shortwave, Radiotray-NG, PyRadio, StreamTuner2, Curseradio, and Goodvibes. My favorites (odio and Shortwave) uses the community database with easy access to 20,000 stations.

Sayonara: Streams

Sadly, Sayonara doesn’t offer functionality. Instead, there’s search functionality with It’s rather cumbersome to find stations. It would help if you could filter results by country.

Add a stream and then click the Listen button. I’d expect that button’s label to change to stop, but it stays as Listen which seems rather counter-intuitive.


Sayonara: PodcastsPodcasts are shows, similar to radio or TV shows, that are produced by professionals or amateurs and made available on the internet to stream and/or download. I’ve previously reviewed a number of dedicated podcast software including GNOME Podcasts, Poddr, castero, Vocal, gpodder, CPod, and Winds.

Sayonara Player isn’t a dedicated podcast player so it isn’t fair to make comparisons with dedicated podcast tools. But it’s reasonable to say Sayonara’s podcast functionality is very basic. To listen to a podcast, you’ll need to manually add the Url for the podcast. There’s no search functionality to help you find podcasts.


One of the software’s library plugins lets you listen to SomaFM.

SomaFM is an independent Internet-only streaming group of radio channels, supported entirely with donations from listeners. Here’s SomaFM in action.

Sayonara: SomaFM


Another library plugin offers access to SoundCloud, a popular music and podcast streaming platform.


There’s also support for scrobbling. To “scrobble” a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to a web site (in this case and added to your music profile.

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