PyRadio – curses based internet radio player

Last Updated on September 3, 2020

On my roadmap is to review all actively maintained internet radio players. To date, I’ve covered odio, Shortwave, and Radiotray-NG. While there’s lots to admire in these projects, I feel that an internet radio player meeting all my requirements is still out there waiting to be discovered.

For this review, I’ll run through PyRadio. Unlike the other radio players I’ve covered, PyRadio is curses based software.

As the name suggests, PyRadio is written in the Python programming language.


PyRadio’s developer recommends the best way to install his software is via a distribution package, if one exists. Depending on the distro in question, you might not get the latest version. Given that the (current) latest version fixes a lot of bugs, I prefer cloning the project’s GitHub repository, and compiling the software myself. You’ll need python-setuptools, git, sed and any one of MPV, MPlayer, or VLC installed on your system, although you’ll probably find you have them already.

At a shell, issue the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd pyradio
$ devel/build_install_pyradio

The last command compiles the software and installs the pyradio script to /usr/bin/.

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