Curseradio – curses interface for browsing and playing internet radio

Last Updated on September 3, 2020

My roadmap is to review all actively maintained internet radio players. To date, I’ve covered odio, Shortwave, Radiotray-NG, PyRadio, and StreamTuner2. Only PyRadio is console based software.

It’s only right and proper that I turn to another console based internet radio streamer. Like PyRadio, Curseradio offers a curses interface for browsing and playing an OPML directory of internet radio streams. It’s also written in the Python programming language.

Curseradio uses the TuneIn directory found at


There are no official packages for Linux distributions. But you may find Curseradio in your distro’s repositories. For example, the software is available in the Arch User Repository.

But it’s trivial to download and install the software on your system. Simply clone the project’s repository, and run the script, as below:

$ git clone
$ cd curseradio/
$ sudo python install

Curseradio requires Python 3 and the libraries requests, xdg and lxml.

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