Intel NUC

Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC Running Linux: Installing Manjaro

Manjaro Settings Manager

Manjaro provides a very useful program called Manjaro Settings Manager (pictured below). It’s one of the highlights of the distro. Besides installing kernels, the program configures other aspects of the system such as language packs, user accounts, keyboard settings, and hardware configuration.

Manjaro Settings Manager

With Manjaro, only 1 kernel is installed. All of the Intel NUC’s hardware works out-of-the-box with the pre-installed kernel including WiFi and Bluetooth.

But it’s still good practice to add at least one extra kernel, preferably a kernel marked LTS. If something goes wrong with kernel 6.5.5 we can reboot and in GRUB choose to boot from a different kernel.

Manjaro Settings Manager

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Page 1 – Installing Manjaro
Page 2 – First boot
Page 3 – Manjaro Settings Manager
Page 4 – Install Intel iHD graphics driver
Page 5 – Other Post-Installation Steps
Page 6 – Remove branding

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7 months ago

I’ve always considered Manjaro to be a somewhat mickey-mouse distro. Any distro that tells its users not to use their GUI package manager for big installs is hard to take seriously. But for beginners, I guess it’s easier than trying to fathom getting everything working in Arch.