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Emborg – Front-End to BorgBackup


If you’ve chosen Borg as your preferred backup software (and it’s awesome software) but found it hard going mastering its scripting, Emborg may be what you need. It offers a very simple command line interface, which can be complemented using Borg direct for unusual configurations. On balance, if you’re happy using a CLI, we recommend borgmatic as it offers more flexibility.

If you’re not comfortable editing text files and digesting the project’s documentation, we recommend using a GUI front-end to Borg. Vorta gets our firm recommendation but Pika Backup is also very easy to use if somewhat limited.

Support: GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Ken Kundert
License: GNU General Public License v3.0

BackupThis software is evaluated using Toshiba Enterprise HDDs and NAS devices from Asustor and Synology.

Emborg is written in Python. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

Pages in this article:
Page 1 – Introduction and Installation
Page 2 – In Operation
Page 3 – Summary

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