BeebEm – Acorn BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator

BeebEm is a popular Acorn BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator.

There are many versions of BeebEm available on the net, with each version having a slightly different set of features. This particular version of BeebEm is an SDL port of the Windows version of BeebEm.

BeebEm can read images from files representing tape (in UEF format), DFS or ADFS discs , ROM cartridges and SCSI or SASI hard disks. It is capable of running the vast majority of BBC Micro software, including classics such as Elite, Exile and Firetrack.

Features include:

  • Emulation of BBC model B, B+, Integra Board and Master 128.
  • Support for Acorn 65C02, Acorn Z80, Torch Z80 and Acorn 80186 second processors.
  • GUI is displayed over the video window and soon will be 100% SDL code (like Hatari).
  • 8271 and 1770 Floppy disc support.
  • Tape emulation.
  • Sound support.
  • QWERTY keyboard mapping.
  • AMX mouse support.
  • Acorn speech chip emulation.
  • Mike’s new exponential volume.
  • Econet support.
  • SASI/SCSI hard drive emulation.
  • Microvitec touch screen.

Support: StarDot
Developer: David Eggleston
License: Freeware


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