Atraci – music streaming player

Atraci is a multi-platform open source streaming application that lets users listen to more than 60 million songs. It is still in an early stage of development, so the application is not the most feature laden.

Atraci use iTunes, and SoundCloud to display song information – cover, title, artist.

Atraci searches the best match for this song on YouTube and streams the highest quality video stream.

Features include:

  • No advertisements, no sign up required.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Smart matching – search for any song, artist name or album. Atraci checks it against online listings to show correct title, album artwork, track lists and so on, with listed options being the highest quality video streams.
  • Album and artist autosuggestions.
  • Sort results by ‘default’, ‘artist’ or ‘track’.
  • View results in ‘grid’ or ‘list’ layouts.
  • Accompanying video can be made full screen.
  • Create playlists with shuffle and repeat options.
  • In-app volume slider, track scrubber and album artwork.
  • History of recently played tracks.

Developer: The Atraci Team
License: GNU GPL v3


Atraci is written in CoffeeScript. Learn CoffeeScript with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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