PiTiVi – video editing made easier

PiTiVi is an open source video editor, written in Python and based on GStreamer and GTK+. It aims at being a powerful and flexible video editing solution for both the novice and the enthusiast.

PiTiVi allows users to easily edit audio/video projects based on the GStreamer framework. This is important as it allows almost any media file supported by GStreamer to be imported, as well as the rendering of projects using any supported container and codec combination from GStreamer.

This software application provides several ways of creating and modifying a timeline. Ranging from a simple synopsis view (a-la iMovie) to the full-blown editing view (aka Complex View) which puts you in complete control of your editing.

Features include:

  • Unlimited video/audio track layers.
  • Full undo/redo history.
  • Basic clip manipulation:
    • Trimming (change the beginning or end point of a clip in the timeline).
    • Snapping.
    • Splitting/cutting.
    • Ripple edits/ (a variant of basic trimming which, in addition to trimming a clip, moves the “following clips” to fill the gap).
    • Roll editing (also a variant of basic trimming which, in addition to trimming a clip, trims the adjacent clips to prevent creating gaps).
  • Frame stepping, keyboard controls and shortcuts.
  • Audio editing:
    • Sound mixing of multiple concurrent audio layers.
    • Trimming.
    • Splitting/cutting.
    • Volume keyframe curves.
    • Fast audio waveforms.
  • Video thumbnails.
  • Zoom slider.
  • Transitions:
    • Fade-ins and fade-outs.
    • Crossfading.
  • Fast, playhead-centered zooming.
  • Mousewheel integration with modifier keys for timeline navigation.
  • Scrubbing.
  • Linking/grouping of clips.
  • Importing support for all video/audio/image formats provided by GStreamer plugins.
  • Supports the Material eXchange Format for professional digital video and audio media.
  • Rendering in any container and codec supported by GStreamer plugins.
  • Drag and drop for importing, adding and manipulating clips on the timeline.
  • Native GTK+ theme integration.
  • High quality translations and localization by the GNOME translation teams.
  • Full compliance to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Configurable appearance and behavior (clip colors, snapping sensitivity, thumbnail and waveforms generation, etc).
  • Translated in 30 languages.

Website: www.pitivi.org
Support: Manual
Developer: Edward Hervey, Allesandro Decina, Brandon Lewis, and contributors
License: GNU LGPL


PiTiVi is written in Python. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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