CMus – small, fast and powerful console music player

C* Music Player (CMus) is a modular and very configurable ncurses-based audio player.

It has some interesting features such as a configurable colour scheme, mp3 and ogg streaming. It can be controlled with a UNIX socket, filters, album/artists sorting and a vi-like configuration interface.

It also features background playlist loading and a metadata cache make loading files very fast, as well as playqueue, playlist filters and a directory browser. Three playlist views are available: artist/album/track, shuffle list, and sorted list. There are also three play modes: all, artist, album.

Features include:

  • Input Plugins:
    • FLAC.
    • Ogg/Vorbis.
    • MP3 (libmad).
    • Wav.
    • AAC (libfaad).
    • MP4 (libfaad + libmp4v2).
    • .mod, .s3m, … (libmodplug, mikmod).
    • .mpc, mpp, .mp+ (libmpcdec).
    • .wma (ffmpeg).
    • .wv (wavpack).
  • Output Plugins:
    • ALSA.
    • libao.
    • ARTS.
    • OSS.
    • Sun.
    • RoarAudio.
    • WaveOut (Windows).
  • Playing:
    • Album/artist modes; playing within one album or artist.
    • Play queue.
    • MP3 and Ogg streaming (Shoutcast/Icecast).
    • Powerful playlist filters.
    • Resume support.
  • Live filtering.
  • Interface:
    • Easy to use directory browser.
    • Customizable colors.
    • Dynamic keybindings. You can bind a key to any command, :seek +1m
      for example.
    • Vi / less style search mode.
    • Vi style command mode with tab completion.
  • Misc:
    • Mutt-like short filters.
    • Can run external commands for the currently selected files (tag-editor for example).
    • UTF-8 support.
    • Can be controlled via UNIX socket using cmus-remote
    • HTTP proxy support for streams.

Support: GitHub
Developer: Gregory Petrosyan, Jason Woofenden
License: GNU GPL v2


CMus is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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