Texmaker – cross-platform LaTeX editor

Texmaker is an open source LaTeX editor that integrates many tools into a single application.

It has an interface which is reminiscent of Kile.

The purpose of this software is to enable the user to focus on the content of a document, instead of grappling with writing compliant LaTeX code.

Features include:

  • Unicode editor to write LaTeX source files (syntax highlighting, code completion, code folding, undo-redo, search-replace, spell checker, bi-directional support…).
  • Clean and modern interface.
  • Spell checker.
  • Principal LaTex tags can be inserted directly with the “LaTeX” and “Math” menus
  • 370 mathematical symbols can be inserted in just one click.
  • Wizards to generate code (‘Quick document’, ‘Quick letter’, tabular, tabbing and array environments).
  • LaTeX-related programs can be launched via the “Tools” menu.
  • Standard Bibtex entry types can be inserted in the “.bib” file with the “Bibliography” menu.
  • “Structure view” of the document for easier navigation of a document.
  • See information about processes and the logfile after a LaTeX compilation.
  • “Next Latex Error” and “Previous Latex Error” commands let you reach the LaTeX errors detected in the log file.
  • Asymptote support.
  • “Forward/Inverse search” support with DVI viewer.
  • Integrated LaTeX to html conversion tool.
  • Extensive LaTeX documentation.

Website: xm1math.net/texmaker
Support: User manual
Developer: Pascal Brachet, J. Amblard
License: GNU GPL v2


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