spectrum is a terminal-based music player

Linux has so many music players. But there’s always room for one more.

spectrum bills itself as a simple and intuitive terminal-based music player for tech enthusiasts. It comes with a visualizer, equalizer, and lyrics support.

This is free and open source software.


There’s a package in the Arch User Repository for Arch and Arch-based Linux distros. But compiling from scratch is straightforward providing your system already has the software’s dependencies (and there are quite a few).

First clone the project’s GitHub repository and change into the newly created directory.

$ git clone
$ cd spectrum

Next, we’ll generate the build system in the build directory

$ cmake -S . -B build

We can now build the executable with the command:

$ cmake --build build

The final (optional) step is to install the executable to /usr/local/bin.

$ sudo cmake --install build

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8 months ago

Sound quite complicated compared to a GUI player.