SchoolTool – web-based student information system

SchoolTool is an open source school management information system. It is a traditional web application, usable with a web browser. Development of the software was discontinued in 2016, although the source code is still available.

This application is used by schools for a single purpose, by individual teachers or small teams within schools, or as a whole-school comprehensive student information system, encompassing demographics, gradebooks, attendance, calendars and reporting.

SchoolTool is written in Python using the Zope 3 component architecture.

Features include:

  • Customizable demographics.
  • Student contact management.
  • Calendars for the school, groups, and individuals:
    • Person calendars are kept private.
    • ‘Overlay’ events from other calendars on to your personal calendar.
    • Create single or repeating events.
  • Resource booking – schedule shared resources via their calendar.
  • Teacher gradebooks – create assignments (or ‘activities’) that are organized and may be weighted by category, such as ‘exam’ or ‘presentation’.
  • Class attendance – a simple attendance and participation journal.
  • Intervention system – to manage an ‘intervention’ meeting between a student and other stakeholders to address disciplinary, academic or other issues.
  • Report card generation.
  • Internationalization.
  • Single-sign on.
  • Variety of ways to import and export data.

Developer: The Shuttleworth Foundation
License: GNU GPL v2


SchoolTool is written in Zope (Python). Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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