pmenu – dynamic terminal-based menu inspired by dmenu

pmenu is a dynamic terminal-based menu inspired by dmenu written in Python without dependencies with an optional MRU ordering.

This utility can also be used as an application launcher and Ctrl+P alternative.

The script pmenu-run is an example of an application launcher built with pmenu similar to dmenu_run, gmrun and bashrun. It builds the menu from system *.desktop files and launches the selected item in the current terminal or detached from it depending on the application type.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-C, Ctrl-G, Ctrl-[, Escape: quit without selecting an item.
  • Ctrl-H, Backspace: delete the character before the cursor.
  • Ctrl-I, Tab: complete the selected item.
  • Ctrl-J, Ctrl-M, Enter: quit and output the selected item.
  • Ctrl-N, ‘Down’: select the next item.
  • Ctrl-P, ‘Up’: select the previous item.
  • Ctrl-U: delete the entire line.
  • Ctrl-W: delete the word before the cursor.

Developer: Danil Semelenov
License: GNU General Public License v3.0


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