mmtc – minimal mpd terminal client

Last Updated on August 11, 2021

In Operation

Here’s an image of mmtc in action.

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When mmtc is described by its developer as a minimal client, it’s a precise description. There’s no library management functionality in mmtc so you’ll need another program to populate the playback queue. The developer uses mpc to do this. And it’s quite effective when using that minimalist command line interface.

The developer makes a good suggestion to bind the command “mpc clear && mpc update && mpc add /” to a hotkey so that you have a quick way of reloading the queue.

There are key bindings that let you toggle repeat, random, single, oneshot, consume, and pause playback. You can see forwards and backwards through a song and navigate through the play queue including going up/down and top/bottom of the queue. There’s also a searching mode.

If you’ve not used MPD before, the consume mode may be unfamiliar. This mode makes MPD remove played songs from the play queue. It’s a built-in MPD feature, and works really well particularly when random play is also enabled.

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