LinuxLinks: Our most-read stories of 2022

It’s common knowledge that Christmas is a time for merriment, goodwill to everyone, and above all a time for lists. So there’s no better time to compile a list for the year. Once you’ve digested everything below, you can plan your New Year resolutions!

We’ve trawled through our statistics and discovered our ten most well received posts/series that saw the highest page views this year. Only stories published this year are included.

There’s lots of crackerjack stories that missed out from this countdown. This is therefore only a smattering of the coverage.

10. Linux Around The World

Linux Around The WorldThis new series showcases Linux around the world. For the past few years, COVID has largely curtailed gatherings of Linux enthusiasts with only virtual meetings being possible. But as physical meetings are starting to resurface, this series was launched in 2022.

We explore forthcoming events that are of interest to Linux enthusiasts. We also feature active Linux User Groups.

There are many countries still to add, but we aim to make this series comprehensive next year.

9. Lenovo ThinkPad T470 Ultrabook running Linux

Lenovo T470This is a blog looking at a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad T470 Ultrabook running Linux. There are some amazing refurbished ex-corporate machines that are available. We purchased this laptop for a mere £117.

We’ve published 5 articles about the T470 with Linux, and more articles will be published in the new year.

8. Streaming with Linux

Streaming MusicThis series surveys popular streaming services from a Linux perspective.

It’s a work-in-progress. We surveyed 5 streaming services in 2022 but there are many more still to cover.

We will endeavour to complete the series by next year.

7. 24 Great KDE Plasma Themes

KDE Plasma Begin the customization journey with KDE Plasma themes.

All of the themes are available at the KDE store, they’re really easy to install, and you can tweak them even further to make your environment beautifully crated.


6. Awesome Linux Game Tools: Heroic Games Launcher

Game ToolsDigital distribution of video games is becoming increasingly common with major publishers and retailers paying more attention to digital sales.

Heroic Games Launcher is a free and open source games launcher for Epic Games and GOG.

Our review of this launcher went down extremely well with our hardcore gamer community.

5. 36 Excellent GNOME Desktop Extensions

GNOME ExtensionsWe present our recommended GNOME shell extensions.

Most of the extensions are not officially supported by GNOME. But they all take the desktop to the next level, either by adding useful functionality, improving your workflow, or simply offering a touch of panache to the desktop.

4. Linux for Starters

Linux for Starters Linux for Starters: Your Guide to Linux is a series that offers a gentle introduction to Linux for newcomers.

In 2022 we expanded the number of articles in this series. It covers everything from your very first steps with Linux, before moving on to explore what you can do with your system.

Areas covered include mastering the command line, having fun, system administration, and protecting your privacy.

3. Saving Money with Linux

Saving Money with LinuxWith rampant energy costs around the world, this series of articles looking at ways you can reduce your computing energy costs was extremely popular with our readers.

The series tells you everything you need to know. It covers a wide range of topics such as BIOS options, power settings, and useful software which helps to analyze power consumption. Gamers are catered for too.

2. Best Free and Open Source Software

Best Free and Open Source SoftwareOur huge compilation of the finest free and open source software came #2 last year, and it’s in the same position this year.

We have massively expanded the series and updated so many articles we’ve lost count. But this is always a work-in-progress as every year open source developers astound us with exciting new projects.

1. 33 Excellent KDE Plasma Widgets

KDE PlasmaKDE is one of the most popular desktop environments. It lost the tag ‘bloated environment’ with recent releases, slimming down memory requirements to that of many so-called lightweight desktops. It’s also probably the most configurable desktop environment on the planet.

KDE widgets (sometimes called Plasmoids) help to improve the user experience. The pace of development of KDE widgets is fast. We published an update in 2022.

Here are our favorite widgets that improve your workflow.

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