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If you use a general purpose media player to access your music collection, you’re missing out on a wealth of features that can improve your listening experience. That’s why we recommend a dedicated music player. Linux offers a huge range to choose from which is why we put together this roundup to help save you time. But there are always new projects coming along.

Musicly is billed as a simple and elegant music player. It’s cross-platform software written in JavaScript. It’s based on Electron and React, put together with Electron React Boilerplate.

This is free and open source software.


The project provides a deb package for Debian/Ubuntu distros, as well as a snap.

While we don’t think snaps represent the ideal solution, they do offer very easy installation. And life is too short to compile every program for yourself, particularly if you like experimenting with new software.

$ sudo snap musicly

The full source code is available. You can therefore compile the software if that’s your cup of tea!

If you’re using Windows, the project also provides a binary. Our review is confined to Linux.

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