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HBud – simple audio and video player

Last Updated on February 21, 2023


HBud offers a simple way to play music and video files from a single application. There are already sweet touches present in the program such as its minimal mode.

It’s important to remember HBud is in an early stage of development with a number of glaring issues that need urgent attention. For example, we frequently encountered fundamental issues such as not being able to start the application at times with Gtk errors being generated. And tracks are jumbled up when loaded from a folder.

Hopefully things will improve as development matures.

The software is lacking gapless playback. We always consider a music player must have gapless playback. Gapless playback is the uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks, such that relative time distances in the original audio source are preserved over track boundaries on playback. It’s essential if you listen to classical, electronic music, concept albums, and progressive rock.

Support: GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Dániel Kolozsi
License: GNU General Public Licence, version 3 or later

HBud is written in Python. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

Pages in this article:
Page 1 – Introduction / Installation
Page 2 – In Operation
Page 3 – Memory Usage
Page 4 – Summary

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