GNOME Extensions

33 Excellent GNOME Desktop Extensions (Updated 2020)

28. Caffeine


Caffeine is one of the simplest extensions included in this roundup. It lets you disable the screensaver and auto suspend.

It’s not an extension we often use, but it’s popular among many GNOME aficionados.

This project is looking for a new maintainer.


29. Recent Items

Recent ItemsRecent Items is an extension that shows a list of recently accessed files.

Left clicking on an entry opens that file or folder.

And there’s also support for right click, which opens the folder containing the selected file.

It supports the following media-types: Text, image, audio, video, application, multipart, message, and model.


30. Top Panel Workspace Scroll

Top Panel Workspace Scroll

Top Panel Workspace Scroll lets you change workspaces by scrolling while over the top panel in Gnome Shell.


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