Booktype – Free Platform that Produces Beautiful, Engaging Books

Booktype is web based, single-source, open source publishing software for creating beautiful books, reports, manuals and more. It’s a platform well suited for editorial teams working on complex projects.

This software makes it easier and quicker for authors, companies and organizations to edit and publish books. It imports DOCX or EPUB files, converts them into single-source HTML for online editing and proofreading, and uses CSS Paged Media to produce attractive output for print, the open web, and almost any ebook reader.

Booktype facilitates collaborative, agile production across time zones and borders.

Typical uses of the platform might be:

  • Writing a work of fiction, manuals, cookbooks etc.
  • Producing printed books.
  • Producing ebooks.
  • Writing any content as an individual.
  • Collaboratively authoring content.
  • Customizing existing content to apply to a very specific context.
  • Translating a book into another language.

Booktype is built on the Django web framework and many Python libraries.

Features include:

  • Create great looking books in a responsive environment.
  • Create your content once. At the click of a button, the formatting adapts to multiple outputs while also maintaining the integrity of your design needs.
  • Use Booktype’s output to PDF, EPUB, XML and HTML to export books ready for Amazon, iBooks, or the open web.
  • Quick revisions of existing books/editions.
  • Several design layout options that you can preview with your content.
  • Multiple output formats.
  • Full page images support.
  • Image editor.
  • Has its own API to communicate with other platforms.
  • Clean and powerful environment for collaborative content creation. A messaging module, for example, turns the dashboard interface into an exchange messaging place for users.
  • Server-side application which can be installed on various Linux distributions and Mac OS X.

Support: Manual, GitHub code repository, Twitter
Developer: Booktype GmbH
License:GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

Booktype is written in JavaScript and Python. Learn JavaScript with our recommended free books and free tutorials. Learn Python with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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