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AWOW AK41 Mini Desktop PC – Astronomy – Week 9


AWOW AK41 - AstroImageJ
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AstroImageJ (AIJ) is a modified version of ImageJ. It adds customizations to the base code and a packaged set of astronomy specific plugins.

  • Astro-Mode – when selected, this enables the additional functionality offered by AIJ.
  • Data Processing – performs image calibration (bias, dark, flat, linearity correction), and to optionally perform FITs header updates, run Multi-Aperture, and/or Multi-plot after each image has been calibrated.
  • Multi-Aperture – performs differential photometry on a series of (usually already calibrated) images.
  • Multi-Plot – plots multiple curves on a single plot
  • Open Data – opens s a previously saved measurements table (or any generic tab, comma, or space delimited file) from disk for plotting with Multi-Plot.
  • Coordinate Converter – retrieves coordinates from SIMBAD and converts them to other standard astronomical coordinate systems.
  • Single Apterture Photometry – single aperture photometry is performed by left-clicking the mouse at the desired location in an image.

AstroImageJ is a Java based program. From a memory perspective it’s got a reasonably large footprint. With a fits image loaded, memory usage is over 800MB. This might be a problem with a mini PC with 4GB of RAM or less, but the AK41 has an ample 8GB of memory.

AstroImageJ runs well on the AK41.

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Pages in this article:
Page 1 – Introduction / Celestia
Page 2 – Stellarium
Page 3 – Skychart
Page 4 – KStars
Page 5 – AstroImageJ
Page 6 – Summary

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This blog is written on the AWOW AK41 Mini PC.

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  1. Hi Luke,

    I have bought the AWOW AK41 but I cannot find the button to start the BIOS.
    Do you know which button is the right one?

    In addtion I’m looking for the handbook. Do you have an idea where I can get it?

    1. Press the Delete or Escape key to access the BIOS.

      There is the very brief quick guide, there is no ‘handbook’.

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