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AWOW AK41 Mini Desktop PC – Astronomy – Week 9


The AWOW AK41 has some advantages as a tool for astronomy. The fact that it’s a small form PC means that it’s practical to move the computer to my garden shed and control a telescope, something I wouldn’t want to do with a full tower PC, as that’s often too heavy and bulky to move on a regular basis. But a laptop is definitely preferable (if you have one).

I was satisfied with the performance of Celestia and Stellarium. Frames per second were fairly low but both programs are more than usable. And they offload a lot of the work from the CPU to the GPU, unlike Skychart and KStars.

While the programs limit usage to 1 core, this means there’s plenty of CPU cycles to multi-task.

Pages in this article:
Page 1 – Introduction / Celestia
Page 2 – Stellarium
Page 3 – Skychart
Page 4 – KStars
Page 5 – AstroImageJ
Page 6 – Summary

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  1. Hi Luke,

    I have bought the AWOW AK41 but I cannot find the button to start the BIOS.
    Do you know which button is the right one?

    In addtion I’m looking for the handbook. Do you have an idea where I can get it?

    1. Press the Delete or Escape key to access the BIOS.

      There is the very brief quick guide, there is no ‘handbook’.

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