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Eilidih Parris, one of our merry band of reviewers, is starting to compile a Best Free Android Apps series recommending the best free Android apps available. As part of the series Eilidih recommends a music player Musicolet. It’s a small offline music player. But functionality is rather limited. For example, the app offers no network capabilities.

Let’s cast the net a bit further afield and review an Android music player that offers more functionality, albeit it’s not free. The app is called Neutron Music Player and costs £4.39 / $4.99.

Neutron is billed as “… an advanced music player with the bare-metal 32/64-bit audio engine which delivers the best possible Hi-Fi grade quality of sound. It offers high-resolution audio playback without frequency resampling and bits truncation if internal/external DAC supports it.” It’s designed for audiophiles who want Bit-Perfect output and be able to control how their music sounds. Besides Android, there’s versions available for iOS and Windows 10 UWP. Sadly there’s no Linux port. So we’ve confined our review to Android.

On the first run the program prompts you to set the interface language. There’s a wide range of languages supported besides English including French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and more. The next step is to configure the music software; the directories which contain the music collection. The software can automatically scan directories on your local device, or you can manually define the music sources. If your Android device supports high resolution audio, you’ll be asked whether you wish to activate it, which turns on a Hi-Res Codec (our Android devices are 32-bit, but 64-bit audio processing is also available).

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2 years ago

While there are some things I really like about Neutron the interface certainly isn’t one of them, I far prefer PowerAmp which also supports bit perfect audio and the UI is much better.

PowerAmp has no network features which is the only reason I keep Neutron installed.