Best Free Android Apps: Musicolet – offline music player

Last Updated on March 1, 2021

There’s a strict eligibility criteria for inclusion in this series. See the Eligibility Criteria section below.

Musicolet is billed as a small yet powerful offline music player which organizes and plays local audio-files stored on your device.

There’s so many things that make Musicolet stand out from the crowd. Besides its extremely polished interface which is extremely intuitive and easy to use, we really admire its awesome gapless playback support.

Gapless playback is the uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks, such that relative time distances in the original audio source are preserved over track boundaries on playback. It’s essential if you listen to classical, electronic music, concept albums, and progressive rock.

Let’s highlight some of the app’s other best features:

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  • Wide range of audio file types are supported.
  • Playlists.
  • Support for multiple queues; listen to one queue and prepare/manager other queues at the same time.
  • Tag editor
  • Embedded lyrics and .LRC file support.
  • Extremely fast scanning with the option of advanced scanning which lets you use the program’s own scanner rather than Android’s MediaStorage scanner, and reloads metadata tags of all songs. There’s also the option to scan only specific folders (and their sub-folders).
  • Sleep timer which lets you close the app after a specified time has elapsed, or after a defined number of songs have played.
  • Folder browsing.
  • Widgets with home screen widgets for both light and dark themes. There’s 3×1 simple widgets as well as 4×1 advanced controls widgets, 4×3 controls and queue widgets.
  • Three themes to choose from: Light, Dark and Black (AMOLED).
  • Good support for customization.
  • Experimental support for video files which are played as audio files (only some formats are currently supported).
  • Internationalization support.

There’s little frippery included except an equalizer offering various presets.

Favourite Musicolet is an amazing music player. Its interface is sublime, there’s a really good implementation of gapless playback, lightweight in RAM usage, and offering super fast scanning. It’s a shame the developer has no interest in supporting network access.

Nevertheless Musicolet fully deserves our love.

If you need a free music player with network access, we recommend foobar2000. Both Musicolet and foobar2000 feature in our Best Free Android Apps.

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Eligibility criteria

For an Android app to be awarded our love, it must satisfy the following criteria:
bullet-valid-icon High quality with a good set of features, stable in operation and mature software;
bullet-valid-icon No charge to use the app;
bullet-valid-icon No intrusive ads in the program;
bullet-valid-icon Open source and proprietary software can be included;
bullet-valid-icon Apps where additional functionality is available for a payment can be included where appropriate.
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Paul Andrew Anderson
Paul Andrew Anderson
1 year ago

I’ve been using Musicolet on Android for about 3 years now. I kept it on the first A-phone I used it on, and without a SIM card, I still use that phone for my ride (bike & e-scooter) device (connects to home WiFi for updates). Musicolet plays my large SD card music library to my ride’s Bluetooth speaker; no connectivity necessary.
I don’t use any other music player on any of my handheld’s. Since I’m Linux only and do not use Crapple or Microsucks, I’m waiting for Musicolet builder to make a version for Linux (without having to use Anbox, etc.)! Unfortunately, Maulik Raviya is locked in the Social Media box, of which I avoid like a wormy buggy virus! Otherwise I’d email him directly.