Referencer – document organiser and bibliography manager

Referencer is a document organizer and bibliography manager for GNOME. This application helps users to organise documents or references, and generate a BibTeX bibliography file.

Referencer may be used for editing your documents and bibliography data (library). However, this application also includes useful time-saving features. The most important among these is the automatic acquisition of bibliographic information (metadata) for certain types of document. When adding a PDF file to a Referencer library file, it will automatically be searched for key identifiers such as a DOI code or arXiv identifier. If either of these is found, Referencer will attempt to retrieve the metadata for the document via the internet.

Referencer also uses its knowledge of papers to provide handy functions such as opening the web page associated with the article, or opening the document itself. Additionally, you can attach tags to documents to categorize them, and then browse documents more easily by filtering them by tag. The software is a great tool for the scientist and researcher.

Features include:

  • Simple interface.
  • Automatic metadata retrieval from PubMed, CrossRef and ArXiv.
  • Smart web links.
  • Import from BibTeX, Reference Manager and EndNote.
  • Tagging allows users to categorise documents. The advantage of a tag-based system is that is allows a document to belong to multiple overlapping categories, and to easily locate documents in a library.
  • Search from the Title, Authors and Key fields.
  • Pluggin support:
    • Metadata fetcher plugins.
    • Document action plugins.
  • Automatically handles the conversion of special characters (e.g. ß) to their LaTex equivalents (e.g. \ss).
  • Protect capitalization when exporting to BibTeX.
  • Annotation support.
  • Localisation: Referencer is translated into many languages.

Developer: John Spray
License: GNU GPL v2


Referencer is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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