Pluck – small and simple content management system

Pluck is a Content Management System (CMS) that aims to be as simple as possible. With Pluck, you can manage your own website easily, without the need to involve yourself with programming languages.

Pluck focuses on user friendliness and enables non-technical people to manage a website.

Features include:

  • Create an unlimited amount of pages.
  • Insert images in pages.
  • Create your own blog.
  • Create an album to show images or photos to your visitors.
  • Keep in touch with visitors by including email forms on pages.
  • Change site information, for better results with search engines.
  • Easy-to-use theming system to give a website a new look.
  • Edit your website in your own language.
  • Enjoy the completely W3C XHTML-compatible output (when using one of the default installed themes).

Support: Wiki
Developer: Sander Thijsen, Anders Jørgensen
License: GNU GPL v2


Pluck is written in PHP. Learn PHP with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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