vitetris – terminal-based Tetris clone

vitetris is an open source terminal-based Tetris clone.

Rotation, scoring, levels and speed should resemble the early Tetris games by Nintendo, with the addition of a short lock delay which makes it possible to play at higher levels.

vitetris comes with more features and options than might be expected from a simple text mode game. Full input control, customizable appearance, netplay where both players can choose difficulty (level and height) — unless you must have sound (or just don’t like Tetris), you won’t be disappointed.

The original Tetris game was designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

Features include:

  • Configurable keys.
  • Highscore table.
  • Two-player mode with garbage.
  • Network play.
  • Joystick (gamepad) support on Linux or with Allegro.

Developer: Victor Nilsson
License: Simple BSD-style


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