VisPy – Interactive Scientific Visualization in Python

VisPy is a high-performance, interactive, 2D/3D data visualization open source Python library. VisPy leverages the computational power of modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) through the OpenGL library for visualizing massive datasets in real time. It’s a high-level, high performance plotting toolkit in a fairly early stage of development.

Vispy offers a Pythonic object-oriented interface to OpenGL, useful to those who know OpenGL, or who want to learn it.

OpenGL is an open standard for hardware-accelerated interactive visualization. It’s widely used in video games, industry software (Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, virtual reality) and scientific applications (medical imaging, computer graphics, and so on).


  • High-quality interactive scientific plots with millions of points.
  • Direct visualization of real-time data.
  • Fast interactive visualization of 3D models (meshes, volume rendering).
  • OpenGL visualization demos.
  • Colormaps.
  • Support for “collections” (batched GL draw calls).
  • HiDPI support.
  • Support for high-level visualizations.
  • Support for Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Set of classes provides a friendly (Pythonic) interface to OpenGL, and is designed to provide OpenGL’s full functionality.
  • Scenegraph – high-level, flexible, and easy to use functionality for creating scenes composed of multiple visual objects.
  • Support for matplotlib plotting.
  • Scientific GUIs with fast, scalable visualization widgets (Qt or IPython/Jupyter notebook support with WebGL). The IPython/Jupyter notebook is an increasingly popular platform for data analysis and visualization.

VisPy runs on Python 2.7+ and Python 3.3+ and depends on NumPy. You also need a backend (PyQt4/PySide, PyQt5/PySide2, glfw, pyglet, SDL, or wx). You can also use a Jupyter notebook (version 3+) with WebGL for some visualizations.

Support: Documentation, Mailing List, GitHub
Developer: Vispy Development Team
License: Modified BSD License (also known as New or Revised BSD)


This example shows a 3D cloud of a million anti-aliased and stroked points.

Glumpy is the sister project of VisPy. It’s also a high-performance interactive 2D/3D data visualization library.

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